Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Bigger They Come...

The PENN STATE SHTINK! (Italics frivolous)

Classic tragedy...fatal flaws abounding...stalwarts of ethical/moral righteousness being revealed as co-conspirators in the attempt to hush-up the bizarre misdeeds of a staff colleague in the mens' athletic department driven by his weakness for sex with young boys.

"Who knew what and when?"

If this question were directly asked of Penn State's sports program faculty, from Paterno on down, it would very likely reveal some ugly double standard issues that resulted in putting the innocent, young victims at unsuspected risk.

Also, revelations that a mens' locker room shower was the venue for some of the molestations add a lurid extra dimension of surreality to the compilation of shocking, sad details of this case.

Immediate termination of ALL Penn State staff who contributed to the cover-up (italics mine) of Sandusky's behavior is appropriate including the "winning-est ever top tier college football coach", if it can be shown that they were remiss in their obligation to immediately report the criminal misdeeds that have recently come to light. It's time to butcher some "sacred cows" that have feloniously manipulated their executive management positions of great influence in college and professional sports, the investment banking and mortgage lending industries and all three branches of the federal government, not to mention the most aggressive US corporations with multinational footprints imprinted globally.

Campaign finance reform is a "must happen" process that addresses the abuses of the public trust enabled by the lax regulatory watchfulness officially devoted to tracking large corporate contributions to campaign coffers of candidates perceived to be friendly to and supportive of their agendas. These agendas are wound up tightly with their main mission of growing the dividends paid out to their stockholders. That's simply status quo (italics a la Romanae) "Stayin' alive" hook or by crook.

But enough already! I hesitate to hog this tuned-in War on Sports blog space with my mealy-mouthed rants. Besides the Occupy Wall Street Movement (Italics earned) aptly identifies and describes the big picture issues that threaten the restoration of the civil and human rights that were once guaranteed to the American people by The Constitution (Italics honorific).

Sadly, the Patriot Act (Italics "CYNICISMATIC") now trumps the once sacred personal freedoms that Americans at large could take comfort in, once-upon-a-time. Were words like "...under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all" simply several generations of hollow reverence for the cherished ideals that used to exist in The United States of America (Italics heartfelt)? Oh that it may swiftly cease...this wistful nostalgia for the ability to believe in the legacy of our democracy!!!

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