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Why Would Anyone Ever Declare A War on Sports?

"War on Sports", the identity of this blog, borrows the device that has been used to give a name to previous crusades against perceived "enemies" of Americans. Some examples: President Johnson's "War on Poverty", President Nixon's "War on Drugs," and President Bush's "War on Terrorism". It's clear that none of these historic battles has yet been "won". Nor will their glorified intent be fulfilled.

Rest assured, War on Sports will never obliterate institutionalized competitive athletic events or the often obsessive fan base that they attract. That was never an objective of this blog in any way, shape or form. In essence War on Sports is a wide ranging information resource and
discussion forum fueled by the many ethical and emotionally charged issues that are spawned by the actions of team owners, players, fans and regulatory collegiate or professional associations.

Welcome to the fray. You are invited to sound off, weigh in, or rant in response to the contents and controversies that appear here regularly.

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