Monday, October 29, 2012

Hi MLB fans,
I'm not a sports commentator, nor do I play one on TV, the baseball buzz builds around the possibility of a SF sweep of Motown's henchmen of the horsehide sphere...I am mildly surprised by the general lack of mention from the radio sports talk hosts, and their listeners that call in with "wannabe analyst" opinions regarding the overall (and probably very significant) effect Posey's return to his team's line-up has had on the Giants' storybook performance in the MLB post-season.

First of all, just getting into and getting through the pennant race was a spectacular, exciting and emotion wracking roller-coaster ride of near death moments as the Bayside brawlers toughed out their NL supremacy in a doom-defying display of talent, tenacity and the ton of "lucky dust" that gets sprinkled on them from who-knows-where just when they need it!  Hey, that's baseball...and this year's postseason play has been some of the best ever in the history of the professionalization  of America's Pastime.  Posey's strong comeback (from that disastrous collision at the plate in 2011's early season) has him fully functioning in 2012 as an invaluable spark plug for his team.  Obviously he has ignited their "reach-deep-down-for it" tenacity that made them contenders for, and participants in, the pennant race eliminations. And now, team's momentous tenacity has brought them on to take the first three games in the WS championship series. (Is there a whiff of sweep int the air???}

Ok, since Buster's up for the NL Player of the Year and the MLB (?) Comeback of the Year no one seriously questions  his skilled athletic resilience and charismatic intra-team dynamism.  Still, I've not yet heard any of the pro radio sports commentators make mention of "The Posey Factor" as a significant contributor to the Giants' (literally) incredible performance to date in the present season. So I'll venture this wee huinch: if Posey picks off one or both of the "...of-the-year" awards and should the Giants sweep or "just" win the series in seven, much mention will ultimately be made of the mythic/legend-like aura that surrounds this young team captain who has won the respect and admiration of his entire ball club for the key nature of  what he delivers to them and their fans as well.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


When Roger Clemens recently dodged the perjury trial bullet professional sports purists were provided with a premise for some righteous howling and gnashing of teeth. It has become increasingly apparent that rich iconic sports stars are virtually armor plated against such prosecutions. Are these essentially "show trials" which are conducted and publicized so that "the people" might believe that dishonesty and banned practices in pro sports are punishable criminal acts and are deserving of reform. It's the age old "throw them a bone" routine to pacify their indignation.

In American politics campaign finance reform advocates diligently publicize illegal abuses of how contributions are made to candidates by special interest groups. The intent is to raise the public's consciousness on the cesspool of national politics that was once known as the congress of the USA. A lot of reformist bone throwing goes on there as well.

In the waning months of the year 2012, a national election year, perhaps sports fans and voters alike will become increasingly aware of just how and where corrective action can be applied to remedy some blatant and nearly institutionalized criminal behavior by prominent individuals in highly visible "arenas".