Saturday, November 5, 2011

Unpleasant Sports Shockers

Currently there are some major breaking stories focused on the dark side of NCAA "big college" sports programs. Called into question are the ethical standards regarding recruiting methods and the "scholarship" perks offered to attract highly desirable players. U.of Miami's football program was recently exposed as being in serious violation of NCAA rules governing practices involving the acceptance and distribution of money and "favors" that were received from a con artist convicted of a $900 million Ponzi scheme.

One might ask of both Miami's athletic department faculty AND the student players "Who knew what and when did they know it?" regarding the acceptance of money and other alleged enticements from a "generous" alumnus gone way bad. The revelation of Miami's gross disregard for NCAA protocols has sent a major shock wave, a tsunami if you will, crashing over all NCAA member institutions.  

Sadly, it becomes increasingly evident that such willful violations of NCAA regs is widespread at many, if not all, participating colleges. Equally disturbing is the snowballing concern that NCAA "watchdogs" conveniently looked the other way when rules violations were openly occurring at many (especially the larger conference) schools. True fans of merit-based college athletic performances must demand that players are assured of "level playing fields" in all aspects of their involvement in college sports programs. I hope WOS will play a major part in facilitating that crusade. 

Also, incredible violence was displayed by some "across-the-Bay" rival fans/rival gangsters,(& gangsterettes) at the Raiders v. 49r's game over the weekend The lack of adequate police/security both inside and outside the stadium is quite apparent. Civil suits by injured parties citing gross negligence on the part of team owners, arena operators, community officials and law enforcement departments are very likely to be filed in the near future.

Some critical commentary on these issues and opinions from other visitors to the WOS blog might develop into a forum-like polling of the public's views on topics such as these? WOS might ask the questions: 1. Should gang colors AND sports team colors be banned from sporting events? 2. Should metal detectors and/or patdowns be mandatory at points of entry for all spectators? 3. Should known gang members be banned from attending any pro sports event?

It was apparent from the brawl in the stands that combatants wearing 49r's colors were duking it out with others also wearing those colors. This seems to imply something other than fan rivalry as the trigger of some of the violent behavior. It's time for fans, occasional game attendees, pro team owners, coaches, players (especially stars), venue operations management and community leaders responsible for public safety to develop and enforce effective counter measures to the mushrooming trend of violent "acting out" by a distinct, but dangerous, minority of those who go to pro sports events. Thanks WOS for the opportunity to vent some of my genuine concern for the future of college and pro sports that so many individuals and whole families love to attend or follow via the broadcast media.

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  1. You say those acting out are a minority but I see black and white Raiders logos on cars and sweatshirts all over town. How am I supposed to differentiate between the "sports fans" and the criminals? Increasingly I am not appreciating the difference. The riots in England were fomented by sports fans. What U.S. city is next? Lock them all up as they enter the stadium and sort it out later.