Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big Boys Don't Run From Reality

The many fans of Scott & B.R., AM radio XX 1090's co-hosts of San Diego's prime weekday morning sports-yak show found this announcement posted on the station's website last Tuesday:

"Jerry Sandusky interviews too creepy for airwaves"

November 15, 2011, 10:34AM

"The Scott and BR Show is choosing NOT to air any more of Jerry Sandusky's interview w/ Costas. Is this the right thing to do, or should they talk about what seems to be the biggest sports story?"

The majority of the listeners that responded to the station's survey questionnaire felt that this story is too important to ignore and should be discussed freely for its lesson value to coaches, student athletes and scholastic sports program administrators. The editorial staff at WOS agrees with the show's regular followers.

The two sports savvy commentators are intelligent, witty and mature enough to explore the Penn State scandal from all angles and provide their audience with informed insights and opinions that constructively contribute to the conscientious prevention of such aberrant adult behavior that victimizes innocent, unsuspecting youngsters.

Any child, male or female, who is forcibly assaulted sexually or in fact raped, suffers not only physical pain but is very likely damaged psychologically, often seriously enough to result in long term emotional dysfunctionality, which can essentially ruin the victim's life.
Come on guys. Man up! Pick up the ball that Paterno & Company dropped by way of whitewashing the foul, criminal behavior of the monster in their midst. Use your "bully pulpit" to raise the consciousness of parents, children, teachers, coaches, school administrators, clergymen, scout masters and community leaders at large. They must learn to recognize and quickly react to early indications of improper interaction between children and the adults who are in trusted authoritative positions over them.

Don't run from the "creepy" aspects of the tragic Sandusky story. Instead, run at the issues head such a way that your listeners might be encouraged to commit to more vigilant concern for the safety and general well being of all children.

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